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e10x-ERP handles  complexities of textile  manufacturing - from  specific technical item  masters to quality  assurance processes,  production planning,  material requisition,  detailed billing, and more.

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Chemicals, API and Pharma

e10x-ERP has GMP features addressing needs of discrete industries with specific focus on Chemical, Pharmaceuticals and API  industries. The features include batch, expiry management, bin cards, quality management, traceability, etc

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Whosesale Distribution

Proactively meet  customer and supplier  demand with e10x-ERP  for wholesale distribution.  Improve everything from  inventory and supply  chain management – and  run flexible, tightly  integrated processes to  achieve operational  excellence.

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Industrial Machinery

Meet customer demand  and develop revenue streams with  e10x-ERP for the  industrial manufacturing  industry. Shrink supply  chain costs, accelerate  cycle times, minimise  scrap and re-work – and  ultimately speed time to profit

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